Conscious Father Retreat

The Conscious Father Retreat was born out of a need for gathering men of a common thread to build emotional connections and create community around fatherhood and manhood. This retreat was seeded in 2017 when Dr. David Lutz began the Conscious Fatherhood Circle. He has a passion for helping men, especially fathers thrive physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Through his work with the father circle he is helping men to build a community of conscious fathers because he has seen that men are craving connection with other men on a similar path.  

This circle, this retreat is about rewriting the script of what it means to be a man and a father. Men are shown what it means to be a father and man from the men who helped raise them. Most men have never really questioned if those teachings would lead toward a fulfilling life, a happy family and a thriving community. These teachings from childhood are imprinted on such a deep subconscious level from an early age. However, if men are to raise their consciousness it is important that they have the opportunity to question these teachings and beliefs. Either strengthening them if they are truly seated in loving kindness and compassion or creating new beliefs that will yield more fertile ground. Sometimes, the best way to do this type of work is in a community of men who understand the challenges and can help celebrate the successes.

What we know is that now more than ever, our world is in desperate need of the conscious father and man. Men are ready to break through the status quo that men should not express emotion, should be rough around the edges and never be vulnerable, and only talk about sports, politics or the weather. Rediscovering the truth that men are emotional beings, and vulnerability and love is a strength, not a weakness. When we break through to this place of openness and freedom, families will be more whole and happy, our community will be more accepting and mindful, and the world will feel the ripple of awakening the fathers and men we're truly meant to become.

This retreat will have a unique twist to it because we will have Shanti, David's co-facilitator joining us. If we are wanting men to be more whole and conscious it is important to start balancing the masculine and feminine energies within. Some of the biggest oppressors men experience in their life is from their mother and wife. Men learn from the females in their life that they need to be strong and brave in order to help the women in their life feel safe, supported and loved. They have to constantly stuff their feelings to make room for their wife's and mom's needs. It is important for men to learn how to be vulnerable and seen with other men and women. It is also important that men learn how to access the emotional freedom in their self that has been stuffed since they were boys. This is what we hope will happen with the unique energy consciousness that Shanti brings.

From Shanti’s experience of hosting many retreats, she has noticed that people get a chance to take a break from their everyday life. The fear, rage, and mental overload start to fade away. In these spaces people leave with a softer and more balanced energy. Their being becomes lighter, their laugh gets louder, and their face more readily shows delight and joy. People leave retreats truly transformed and this transformation lasts months or even longer. For many this transformation permanently changes a person's life. It sounds a little grandiose, but it's true. It's not quite clear what it is that creates the change. However, it's apparent that being in nature is very healing. Having space from the constant demands of raising a family and earning a living resets the nervous system. Something special happens when people who are in the same stage of life get together. There is a cool, authentic connection that happens. People hear and see their fears, joys, anger, and dreams in someone else whom they would never guessed shares a similar story. Knowing that we all walk a similar path relieves shame and helps to creates an energy of acceptance.

All of this is what David and Shanti want to help create for men, for fathers. They hope every attendee will leave with a clear understanding of what it means to be a conscious father and man. There is not one definition for a conscious father and man, but endless definitions that suites each individual to walk down their own unique path towards a life of fulfillment and happiness with their family and community at the core.

Let's be honest going on a retreat is a privilege. Getting the chance to take a much needed break from family, work and life is something we all wish we could do. Most people will only dream of the opportunity to do so. Except, what if going on a retreat was a life changing and soul nourishing necessity? What if taking time away for yourself helped you to become a more present and calm human? Would you go?  

With Gratitude,

Shanti & David