Rooted&Open is more than a business; it's a community, a tribe of open-hearted women and a space for healing. Saying yes to an offering at Rooted&Open is saying yes to yourself and yes to being part of a tribe.

Rooted&Open is the heart and soul of Shanti. When she became a mother in 2010, she noticed the lack of community and services for mothers in Bend, OR. This was disappointing for her, because she craved a place where she could belong and find deep and meaningful connections. She needed to know there were other women out there feeling like she was.  Although being a mom allowed her to meet a lot of other mothers, conversations about poop, sleep, teething, and stages of development just wasn't fulfilling. She longed to have raw, vulnerable conversations about life with a kiddo and what was going on inside emotionally. She wanted to know the full range of each woman's experience and she wanted to be seen in the fullness of who she was. To fill this lack of connection gap Shanti saw, she started the beginnings of Rooted&Open with groups for pregnant women. This first group quickly led to the Mama Nurture Circle. It was clear from the very first Circle Shanti hosted that other women were craving the same connection and vulnerability. After 7 years of hosting Mama Nurture Circle, it is still going strong  and filling a deep need for mothers. Over the years, Rooted&Open has evolved from mama circles, women’s circles, men’s circles, to workshops, classes, retreats, one-on-one sessions, and advocating for mothers' rights. 

Everything Rooted&Open does is for the benefit of women, especially mothers. It is a place where women come to heal, be seen, and learn how to step into power, truth, and vulnerability. Shanti has a passion for empowering women because she knows that when a woman becomes empowered she in turn will provide the same for other women and communities shift.

Shanti O'Connor

No matter what service Shanti provides, she comes with deep presence, intuitive knowing, an open heart and an open mind.  Her approach is straight forward, honest, and loving. It is clear she teaches from her own lived wisdom. She will only ask of you what she herself has lived, does, has done, or has experienced.  There is no fluff, just raw, open, and honest.

Shanti O'Connor is a nationally certified counselor, a licensed teacher, hypnotherapist, a TRE teacher, Yoga Teacher, Pranic Healer and Reiki Master. In 2017 she started the non-profit Bend Birth Connection. In 2018 she opened the wellness center, The Hive located in downtown Bend. In the fall of 2018 she became a radio show host for KPOV’s talk show Voices From the Margins. In 2019 she graduated from Yoga Lab’s 200 RYT yoga teacher training.

She started teaching and coaching basketball in 2001. In 2009, she received her Master of Science in Counseling from OSU-Cascades. She began her therapeutic career in counseling by running girls groups, grief groups, teaching yoga to children, and facilitating mindfulness groups for teen parents. In 2011, she started the Mama Nurture Circle and Pregnancy Circle. In 2012, she received a certification in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and has been conducting past life hypnotherapy sessions since. She has specialized training in postpartum depression, trauma, Pranic Healing, TRE, Reiki, breathwork, vinyasa yoga and yoga for children.

Currently, Shanti runs various women's groups (including the Mama Nurture Circle), she teaches meditation classes, energy healing classes, and spiritual classes for kids. She has a private healing practice where she blends talk therapy, hypnotherapy, and energy healing into a uniquely powerful healing session.