Full Moon Fire Ceremony

Here is a sweet little ceremony you can do during any full moon. When you feel ready to make significant change in your life or ready to let go of whatever is holding you back do this fire ceremony. The power of fire to cleanse, to transform, and to wipe out the old making way for the new is immense. It's purpose is to help you get clear about what you are ready to let go of, all that no longer serves you. 

 Full Moon Fire Ceremony



Metal bowl


Tarot or Oracle cards

Altart Items

Altar Cloth

Cup of water (for putting out the fire)

Incense, sage or palo santo, essential oil diffuser (optional)


Gather all your materials and find a quiet place to sit down. Lay out your altar cloth. Mindfully place all your altar items onto your cloth. Altar items can be anything that is significant to you. They can bring you joy, power, calm, or inspiration. Lay your tarot/oracle cards on the cloth. Light your incense or diffuse your oils if you want to energetically clear the space.

Before you begin take a quiet moment to call in all the energies and/or spirits that you like to work with (angels, animals, elements, ancestors, spirit guides, colors etc...). Then say a prayer of intention. What is it you are hoping to accomplish during this ceremony and what are you needing in order for that to happen? Be specific and don't be afraid to ask spirit for help with whatever you are ready to release.

With your paper and pen think about all the things, habits, feelings, behaviors you are ready to release that no longer serves you. Think about all that happened the past week, month, or year that you no longer want to carry -- people, hurts, old stories about who you are, situations that you want to change for the better, etc. Write it all down, as much as you want, there is no limit. This is your opportunity with clear intention to release all you are ready to release.

Now bring out your metal bowl, fire pit, fireplace, or even dig a hole dug in the dirt. Use whatever resources you have available to you. Anything that is safe to burn paper in. Please be mindful, make sure your surroundings are safe before you begin. Fold your letting go paper. Take a moment to revisit your prayer. With intention of letting go, set your paper on fire. As you watch the flames consume the paper, let it all go. As it burns feel your body release all that you are letting go.

When you feel complete it is time to fill in the energy you released with positive energy. Take a moment to get clear about what you are ready to step into, create, or call in.  Say another prayer asking for spirit help. With another piece of paper write down all that you are ready to call in and have in your life. Try to be specific with your words and feel all the feelings you are ready to have more of like; joy, love, connection, courage, etc.. You can focus on the "things," but often what we are really wanting is more of a certain feeling. So, if you are calling in a thing please try to also feel what the thing will bring you and write those words down on your intention paper.

Once that feels complete, with joy and faith set your intention paper on fire. You are creating clarity and trusting that all you ask for will come to you. With your focus and vision in place, your work is done. There is nothing else to do to make it happen. It is now time to allow it by giving it over to Divine consciousness to make it happen.

Take a moment to reflect on what you just did, how you feel. When you feel complete close the ceremony with a prayer of thanks/gratitude to spirit for help and guidance. Ask the cards on the altar cloth what it is you need to know and pull a card. Reflect on the imagery and message on the card with an open heart.