Helping kids who see spirits

If you have kiddos like mine then you know they are sensitive. By sensitive I mean a kid who can see or sense spirits. I have two of these kiddos. What I learned is that each kid has varying levels of what he/she can see and comfort around what he/she sees.  One kid is terrified by any spirit. The other kid feels safe around certain spirits while others he's not so sure about. As a mom I wish I could control what my kids experience, see and don't see. Unfortunately, I have no control. What I can do is teach my kids the difference between safe spirits and unsafe spirits and how to handle the ones they don't want around. Below is what I taught my kiddos, each starting around the age of 2.  Slowly, based on their comfort level and need I build on their knowledge getting more in depth about spirits. Now, at the age of 7 and 3 my kids have a basic understanding about spirits and how to deal with them.

This is what I taught my kids.

Safe spirits will never ask them to hurt their self or another person. Safe spirits will never be mean or say mean things to them or another person. I talk to them about paying attention to how they feel when the spirit is around. If they feel uncomfortable or scared then they need to listen to that and take steps to make the spirit leave. I let them know they have power in the situation and are allowed to say no.  I talk to them about the different types of spirits; ghosts, ancestors, angels, spirit animals, elementals and guides. Of course there are other types of spirits, but they are young and I try to keep it simple and appropriate for their level of maturity.


Ghosts are people who used to live on Earth but have since passed away. Ghosts are earthbound mostly by choice.  Some have died so suddenly and tragically they don't even realize they died. Each has a different reason for staying, but all have made the choice to not join God, universal consciousness, all that is or whatever name you give to the energy that created life. Most ghosts are limited to a certain area, either where they died or a place they are strongly attached to. Ghosts in general are attracted to kids because they have such a brilliant light to them. Some ghosts come to kids for help because they know kids can see them. Other ghosts are not happy and kids can feel their stronger emotion, but the spirit cannot hurt them. 

Ancestors/Loved Ones

I tell them about loved ones and ancestors who used to live on earth but have passed away and joined God. These spirits like to come visit their family from time to time. They want to be sure their family is ok. Some come when we need protection, help or guidance. These spirits are very connected to us and are more like our guides. They love us and want to help us be the best person we can be. When they come we might not know who they are, but they are always loving and protective. We tend to feel safe when these spirits are around us.


I usually lump together spirit animals and guides. These are beings who have agreed to help us while we are here on earth. They like to visit us often and will come anytime we ask them to. These spirits and animals will help guide us to make healthy and loving decisions. When we are struggling or need help they are right by our side giving us help. These spirits don't show themselves as much, but they will from time to time. They tend to talk to us through our thoughts and feelings. Sometimes our inner intuitive voice is actually one of our guides talking to us/guiding us to make the most beneficial decision.


Angels are like guides. They come to help us, guide us, and protect us. Some, like guardian angels never leave our side.  Every person has at least one guardian angel, some have many more. We are born with our guardian angel and he remains with us until we die. These angels love us deeply.

Archangels only come to us if we call on them. We can call on them for anything and they will come to help us. Archangels are special because they can be with thousands of people at once. So, if we call on an archangel for help we are not preventing him from helping someone who might need him more.

There are many different archangels, each has a different purpose and specialty. I've only told my kids about a few Archangels that are helpful for kids.  Archangel Ariel is a good one to call on if you have an animal or pet in need. Archangel Gabriel is the angel for children. Anything related to children he'll come to help. Archangel Raphael is the angel to call on when we are sick. He will help us with any health related issue. Archangel Michael is the angel of courage. We can call on him for anything and for any reason. He's what I call the all in one angel.


These are the fairies, elf, leprechaun, brownie, pixies, gnomes, and sprites we all know. I like to think of them as the spirits of nature. All of these beings can be found out in nature. Some, like elves will come into the home, but most stay outside. These spirits are the protectors of mother earth and animals.  Most love kids, especially fairies, and are very happy, playful, and joyful spirits. There is so much to say about these little spirits, but I'll only share some basic information about fairies.

Fairies can be called upon anytime your child or animal needs help. The more you love on, take care of and respect nature the more they will be willing to help you. Fairies prefer to get something in exchange for their help. So, when we want to work with fairies we either leave them candy, clean up trash, or build them a special play area.  Kids have a natural connection to this realm so you can trust their intuition about what to do and how to connect to these spirits.

Tools for your kid

All of the spirits I mentioned above can help us with anything, literally anything. All we have to do is ask.  They will never tell us what to do, but will guide and assist us. I make sure my kids understand that when ancestors, loved ones, spirit animals, guides, elementals, or angels visit us they are doing so because they love us. We will always feel safe and loved when they are around.

Pesky spirits or ghosts is a whole other deal.  First of all, I tell my kids that they can trust how they feel when a spirit visits. If a spirit scares them, then they need to listen to that.  If my kiddo isn't certain how he feels I tell him he can ask the spirit who he is and why he visiting. I tell him to ask the spirit if he is here to help. My son knows he can ask the spirit if it is good or bad. This gives my kiddo a lot of information and believe me, spirits will answer these questions. Again, it's important your kid listens to what the spirit says and what his heart/intuition says about what the spirit says. Intuition is the most important part in discerning what your kiddo is ok with and not ok with. If the spirit is not nice or if my son does not feel comfortable I tell him he can call on God, angels, or guides to protect him from the spirit.  Then he needs to ask whomever he called on to help for him/her to take away the spirit. He also knows he has the power to tell the spirit to leave. I've taught him that he needs to do this in a strong and powerful voice,  telling the spirit he is not welcomed in our home and must leave NOW.

There are some physical tools I make sure each of my kids has access to. Each has a bright flash light beside the bed. This can be used to shine directly on the ghost while they demand it to leave. I have a homemade essential oil spray next to the bed (see recipe below)  they can use to spray on the ghost. Both kids have black tourmaline and obsidian in their room. I put these crystals under and beside their bed. These are protective stones that will help keep away negative energy/spirits. At least once a week or as needed my children and I sage the crystals and our home together.  As we do this we ask for God and the angels to protect our home from lower energies and negative energies and to release these energies from our home.  Sometimes we visualize a brilliant white light bomb going off in the middle of the home. When it does all the spirits and negative energies gets forced out of the room and home.

My children know about all of these tools and they use any or all of them whenever they feel they need to. What I never do is tell them what each of these spirits look like. We all experience spirits differently, so I do no want to influence what it is they experience or don't experience.  No matter what it is important that I listen with an open heart. I don't ask leading questions, nor do I negate what is being said. I listen quietly and reflect back what I am hearing and what I think he/she is feeling. I then ask what he/she wants to do about the spirit. Only if they say "I don't know," do I give suggestions. Also, I ask if they want to do it alone or if they want me to do it with them. My daughter prefers I help her, but my son has done it enough that he doesn't feel like he needs my help.

Remember the most important thing you can do believe your child and then empower him/her to do what feels safe and powerful. Listen to your child, teach your child and empower your child and all will be well.


DIY Monster Be Gone Spray (if using for your kiddo) 
or Aura Clearing Spray (if using for yourself)

YOU WILL NEED: 2 oz or 4 oz Glass Spray Bottle, Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils

1-2 drops sage essential oil
1-2 drops cedarwood essential oil
2-3 drops lavender essential oil
2-3 drops lemon essential oil
1 tablespoon pure witch hazel {acts as a preservative}
1/4 teaspoon sea salt
Filtered, distilled or spring water

Mix all ingredients in a 2oz or 4oz in a glass spray bottle.
Place the spray cap on the bottle and give the bottle a gentle swirl to incorporate the essential oils.

Have your little one hold the bottle. Tell him/her to think about what they want the spray to do, and think those thoughts into the bottle while they hold it.  So, if you are using this to clean the room of spirits, have your kid think those thoughts into the spray.
If you want to take it a step further, you can leave the bottle outside on a full moon to "charge" under the moonlight. If you want to take it even further put a small crystal (black tourmaline, obsidian, rose quartz or clear quartz) into the bottle.

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