The experience I had at the Sacred Mothers Retreat was so raw and honest and healing. It showed me a way to connect and not be afraid. To speak up and not be shy. To grab hold of the love that we all yearn to give each other and share it without hesitation. It revealed to me that I’m not buried anymore and I have a voice that hasn’t been silenced by the struggle in my life. It was an amazing experience that left me glowing and happier. I hope to go every year! I highly recommend allowing yourself to become transformed with Shanti and all the wonderful women that will surround you with their love.

Jaime Dunn

The Sacred Mothers creates a welcoming and safe environment that helps mamas connect with other mamas. The facilitators do an excellent job providing a platform into teaching us about our own spirituality and mentality. I left feeling renewed and discovered a new tribe of friends. I also received knowledge about accessing different tools inside of me to help harmonize times of chaos.
~ Alexandra

October 2018 was my second retreat with Shanti. It was welcoming, full of honesty and filled with such amazing women. Shanti is a skilled facilitator and has collected a strong complimentary team of women who help other women work through joy, loss, love, communication and everything in between. I would highly recommend this retreat to those interested in learning more about themselves.

I had the honor of attending the 2017 Awaken Retreat. The location, all of the women, and the organized exercises made for a truly wonderful experience.

Not only were the women hosting this beautifully inspiring event very professional but they were also super fun to be around. The attendees are my soul sisters now. The space we all shared felt very safe and easy to open up in.

The retreat is set up in a lodge that has a very special summer camp vibe. Warm and cozy are words I would use to describe it. The gorgeous forest setting is a large positive addition to whole experience.

Overall I would definitely attend again and recommend to any woman hoping to gain some comradery, perspective, peace and/or growth.
— Paige O'Neal, Bend, Oregon

Shanti’s retreat opened up my eyes and my heart. I’ve never felt closer to a group of strangers before, and after the weekend, now feel comfortable calling all of them my friends. I showed up eager to learn more about myself and I came out feeling more me than I’ve ever been in my whole life. I can’t express how much I appreciate the time I spent with all of these powerful, beautiful humans. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
— Heather, Portland, Oregon

Shanti’s retreat provided a much needed space for reflection, relaxation, connection, and personal-growth. Shanti, Sara, and Lauren created a supportive and inclusive environment for me to explore my goals, acknowledge my dreams, evaluate my current habits, and listen to the powerful journeys of my peers. I left feeling empowered, at peace, and ready to move forward creating change in my personal life. I am grateful for this opportunity. As a busy mama, taking a weekend to myself never really happens. Thank you, Awaken Retreat, for helping me find “me” again.
— Elizabeth, Bend, Oregon

I have learned so much from Shanti. She is exactly the leader, role model, teacher I was searching for. I have experienced personal growth and healing faster in the last 2 years I’ve been working with her than I have the previous 10 years. Before working with Shanti I had a lot of information and kept seeking knowledge, but I couldn’t figure out what to do with it.

The definition of a true healer is one who creates the space for healing to happen, and Shanti does so beautifully! I am so grateful to know her and learn from her. I am honored to call her my friend! I look forward to continuing this path and bettering myself everyday on every level!
— S.W., Bend, Oregon

I have been fortunate to participate in several of Shanti’s circles and classes, including the chakra class, the Mama Nurture Circle, and the Sacred Mama Circle. Through these experiences, I have learned a great deal from Shanti.

She has done and continues to do her own healing work. This makes her a powerful teacher, right down to the cellular level. Also, she is fierce about direction people inward toward their growing edges. Personally, I found myself learning things from her both by osmosis and on a conscious level. Shanti blends traditional techniques, the wisdom of the group experience, and the shamanic healing of her unique cellular wisdom to provide a container for personal healing.

She has a bag full of resources and is generous about sharing them. In addition to a traditional counseling background she has studied TRE trauma techniques, which gives her insight into working with the body and nervous system. Shanti is masterful at creating sacred space, and using ritual to facilitate healing. Moreover, she uses meditation to ground and deepen people in their experience and insights. I feel grateful to have Shanti as a teacher, Shamanic healer, and community member here in Bend. She brings connection and awareness everywhere she travels.
— Kathryn, Bend, Oregon

After attending Shanti’s first Rooted and Open group, I took away new tools for coping with an ever-changing world, and refreshed ones that I had forgotten about. Shanti is professional, kind, warm, and an amazing counselor. On a professional and personal level, she has an amazing ability to tease out nuances of conversation or groups with such effortlessness. Shanti is just amazing and I can’t convey how wonderful she is other than to say this. I always feel lighter and more grounded after spending time with her. She is a force.
— Janelle, Bend, Oregon

If you are up for depth, transformation, and re-igniting you dinner light - Shanti’s offerings are it! I’ve taken two classes with her now where we connect as divine, real, authentic beings. My favorite was the chakra class. Shanti has true insight, wisdom, awesome intuition and patience. In her class, I grew, stretched, was challenged, supported, learned, connected to myself, cried, and I laughed! I also met a very supportive group of women who were interested in being their best selves, and shining light on their shadows while magnifying they natural gifts. They supported me in my shadow work too. Shanti has a marvelous way of getting to the core of issues for ultimate expansion into abundant greatness! Her glasses are very nurturing and support oner-healing. I believe that Shanti was put here on earth as a divine goddess healer to help people. She is gifted, and anything - in any capacity that she creates or offers - is well worth your time and investment for personal growth. I loved her guided meditations and journaling and crafting times. I loved the realness. I am grateful for my experiences and am eager to partake in more. With gratitude.
— April "Nakini" Groom, Bend, Oregon

I met Shanti during what has since become a pivotal point in my life. I was floundering as a mother, a daughter, a partner, and a professional. I was lost. Since then, I have embarked on a journey of self-discovery, in which Shanti has been instrumental. Shanti has helped me learn to calm my mind and spirit, to open myself to others, to sojourn into my past in order to find my present path. Because of Shanti, I am finally healing my soul, and I am so grateful.
— Camden, Bend, Oregon

I found Shanti during a low and lost point in my life. Newly a mother of two, I was struggling to act from my truth. My energetic body was off, I was suffering from insomnia, and my relationship with the Divine/Spirit/God was lost (which led to struggle in my relationships). Shanti absolutely popped me out of the darkness. Her background in therapy, her understanding of the energy body, her powerful led visualizations/meditations, and her spiritual depth were a springboard for my healing journey. She truly empires her clients - helping discover inner wisdom + spirit guides, asking powerful questions, providing tools for personal meditation and healing in the energetic body. She is a healer, in many capacities. I encourage anyone looking for spiritual depth, inner wisdom, and personal healing to see Shanti. She is gifted!
— Rhea, Bend, Oregon

I’ve had the pleasure of attending a few of Shanti’s gatherings, including the Mama Nurture Circle, Meditation for Moms and Pregnant Women, and Women Who Run with the Wolves Book Club. My first interaction was through the Mama Nurture Circle. At first, I wasn’t sure what to expect, besides joining a new community of women in a similar life stage as myself. My reason for attending was to connect with mothers and women in a deeper, more meaningful way. Shanti enabled the group of women in my circle to open up, set aside judgement, and truly create a sacred space. She came to each circle ready to lead our group through a variety of meditations, thought provoking readings and questions, while also being open and vulnerable as a member of the circle. Through this experience, I’ve become a more grounded and balanced individual. Shanti has given me a unique taste of several different meditation methods, reiki, crystals, and essential oils. I’m excited to continue exploring these new experiences and learning more about myself with Shanti’s thoughtful guidance.
— Becky, Bend, Oregon

I have taken part in Shanti’s ‘Mama Nurture Circle’ as well as her ‘Womyn’s Moon Lodge,’ and can’t wait to participate in more events! Shanti has an amazing ability to put people at ease immediately and to create warm, safe spaces that allow people to share and connect.

At our first nurture circle get together, I was amazed at how Shanti was able to gently encourage everyone to really delve and share so openly their personal issues with women they had just met, and as a result we formed a connection that is so rare, yet so essential, within the group. Though certainly challenging at times, the nurture circle has undoubtedly been a highlight of each week for me, and I would always go home feeling so balanced and at peace.

Regardless of whether you are well versed in meditation and self-reflection or whether this type of activity is completely new to you, you will undoubtedly grow and benefit from her events.
— Angela, Bend, Oregon

I have experienced Shanti’s depth of wisdom since 2007. In that time, she has been my first go-go when things in my world feel chaotic and out of control. Her guidance is grounding soothing, and nurturing; and at the same time challenging and energizing. She gets underneath what is on the surface to the bigger perspective and helps create shifts by opening one’s eyes to a new direction. It is with great pride I offer my recommendation of her services.
— Jenifer Trivelli, Salem, Oregon