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Vibration Healing

This is a monthly healing event open to men and women. It's a unique blend of exercises, meditation, breath work and energy work. 

The first hour will be dedicated to soothing, calming and resetting the nervous system through breath work and TRE (tension release exercises). No experience needed to learn these exercises. It's a safe and gentle exercise for all bodies. Click on this link to learn more about TRE ( If you already know TRE please join us, practicing in a group can bring out new powerful/healing expressions in your body. FYI TRE is a trademarked activity that only certified practitioners can teach.

Once our body is in a natural state of calm we will do a guided meditation. Crystals, oils, singing bowls, hands on energy healing using reiki and pranic, and shamanic drumming or hemi-sync music will be used during our time together to help guide and clear the energetic field. 

Time permitting, we will process and talk about what came up during our time together.