Root into the body, open the spirit to heal.


Upcoming Retreats


Sacred mothers retreat

Join us for a weekend seeped in ceremony, art, play, yoga, meditation, healing, and connection. Intentional experiences, shared lodging, and family-style, organic meals will encourage the formation of lasting bonds with your sisters in motherhood. Spend Friday evening through Sunday afternoon in this unique environment, unplugging from the world and connecting to your heart.


Conscious father retreat
august 2018

Join in a brotherhood of like-hearted fathers who are ready to deepen their consciousness and purpose as man, father, and human. This unique gathering of men creates an opportunity for community with the intention of helping fathers and fathers-to-be thrive emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Join us at Summer Lake Hot Springs for our first ever Conscious Father Retreat.



Everything Rooted&Open offers is in service to women, especially mothers. All offerings have the intention to help women learn how to connect with their self and truth. This connection to self allows a deeper and more authentic connection to other women in a safe and nurturing container. So healing happens on an individual and collective level.

Showing up at Rooted&Open is really about showing up to yourself.   It is about uncovering all that lies within to share and be seen in the fullness of who you really are. Truth, vulnerability and connection are Rooted&Open's foundation for healing and growth. 



Find Your Tribe

Rooted&Open is more than a business. It is a place of deep connection. It is a community, a tribe of women who want to be seen and want to see all that you are.