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Psychic and Medium Conversations and Practices

Psychic and Medium - conversations and practices to expand our natural human abilities

This is an ongoing monthly gathering to help everyone become more psychic and more medium. This is for any woman at any stage of life, we are all gifted souls. 

We will talk about; 
- history of psychic and medium. 
- psychic safety now – issues and fears in our culture here in Central
Oregon, and around the world. 
- physics and physical effects of messages = reaction to interaction. 
- types of energetic messages that we can pick up including; empathic, 
intuitive, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentient, automatic drawing, 
speaking through, channeling, telepathy, etc… 
- discuss energy patterns, what they mean and how we can build our
strongest and brightest energies. 
- aura colors, their meanings and how colors can heal us or take us into more of our natural talents in this life on earth. 
- meditations, astral travel, past lives, old souls and soulmates. 
- auric fields. 
- dream interpretation. 
- using psychic and medium to help with relationships, career choices, medical intuitive, and grief. 
- animal communication and pet psychic
- psychic and mediumship politics, views of economics, equality, 
integration, resources, food, and thinking about future generations. 

We will also set up all sorts of practices and demonstrations, including clarifying our first thoughts, understanding gut feelings, two-minute and longer readings, shared readings, photo readings, drawing, pendulum, cards and energies. Animal communication and pet psychic practice will help us to expand our intuitive confidence and healing nature. If you have other practice suggestions, I will try to work them into class. 

The goal is that we are very interactive with discussion and practice. 
Bring your phone pictures, videos, names of people or pets who have passed
– or that you want to learn more about to this class for us to work with. 
Let's connect spirit energy. 

My name is Lori Baker and I am a practicing psychic advisor with California Psychics. I also work on the side as an animal communicator and spirit
medium. Over five years ago, my blood pressure and pulse kept dropping and I ended up into the emergency room a few times. I started hearing voices in seeing huge aura colors. As a kid, who grew up next to a cemetery and was
used to ghost stories and scary movies and sadly, I retracted from
mediumship because of fear. But now I feel the friendship connection. Life has changed a lot for me, and I am so curious about our civilization here
on earth, and our loved ones, friends and guardian angels residing in heaven or spirit world. I study mediumship online and attend workshops and I practice every day. I try hard to get evidential and validating information that is helpful and healing. I also want to inspire hope. One of my goals is that that we can make our lives more maneuverable, healthier and more fun! I plan to keep learning, traveling and hopefully teaching others to connect and bring out their magic.

Monthly sessions, approximately two hours, $10 per/person

21212 Limestone Ave

Bend, 97703

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