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Audition Notice: Birth, the Play

"The critically acclaimed play 'Birth' is based on BOLD founder/playwright Karen Brody's interviews with 118 mothers. With humor and passion, the piece celebrates the deep power that's available to every woman giving birth." -

This play will be performed as part of a mutli-event exploration of birth taking place in November in Bend, Oregon.

We are looking for women between the ages of 25 and 45, who represent a variety of backgrounds (races, sexual oreintations, professions, socio-ecconomics).

Auditions will be "open," and first come, first serve. Please RSVP to the event page of the audition you wish to attend (you have a choice of two) or by emailing so we can have ...enough copies of audition materials ready.

No former theatre experience is required, but it will be considered as part of the casting process. Please come prepared to read from the script; a portion of one or two mothers' stories. We will proide the text. If you'd like a preview of the text, please email the director: Please see character descriptions below.

Rehearsals will begin August 26th and will conclude with two performances on Thursday, November 9 and Friday, November 10th. The large majority of the rehearsals will be held on Sundays and Wednesdays in the late afternoons and evenings.

AUDITION LOCATION - to be determined, SOON.
SECOND AUDITION OPTION - Saturday, 8/12 from 11:30-2:30


AMANDA is a 28 year old stay at home mother of two who lives in the suburbs of Seattle. She's athletic, mainstream, but liberal and very confident. Her voice is strong and powerful.

BETH is a 35 year old successful, high-powered computer manager from New Jersey. She's friendly, confident, and very straight forward.

JANET is a 41 year old lesbian who is a cameraman for documentary films. She lives in San Francisco. She's happy and very easy-going.

JILLIAN is a 45 year old stay at home mother of four originally from Ohio, but lives in Texas. She is very upbeat, light, funny. Jillian always sees the humor in life. She is optimistic and strusting with a naivete that is charming.

LISA is a 37 year old African-American who works for an international women's rights organization in Washington, D.C. Lisa is sarcastic, angry and deeply sad about her birth experience.

NATALIE is a 30 year old successful artist who lives in Albuquerque, NM and is bi-racial. She smiles a lot, is not super "earthy-crunchy" but is open to using alternative medicine.

SANDY is a 33 year old freelance editor for an online magazine. She lives in Wisconsin. She is very likeable, with a girl-next-door voice.

VANESSA is a 25 year old Hispanic woman from New York City. She runs her own business and is strong-willed, funny, with a "I don't care what anyone thinks" attitude.

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