These soulful and heart connected teachers and healers have come together to offer their gifts. Each facilitator and teacher at Sacred Mothers Retreat and Conscious Fathers Retreat has spent years helping men and women heal, open the heart, and step into courage, truth, and vulnerability.

They have learned through their own lived wisdom and practices how to reconnect with their deeper selves and how to help people do the same. Sacred Mothers Retreat, Awaken Retreat, and Conscious Fathers Retreat is built upon their wisdom, truth, and healing. All that they teach, they do or have done; all that they ask of you, they ask of their self. As teachers, guides and healers they will help you find yourself and access your genius that has been waiting for a voice.


Annette Benedetti

Annette is a writer and photographer with a passion for exploring and sharing what the world has to offer through thoughtfully crafted stories and beautiful imagery. Her work appears in a variety of publications including Bust, Domino, Red Tricycle, Almost Fearless and others—and she is currently working on her first book of poetry.

As a yoga instructor, Annette’s practice is rooted in over 15 years of study. Her background includes 11 years of instruction in the Iyengar tradition and four years of training in Vinyasa and she has studied under renowned teachers including James Murphy, Carolyn Belko, Manorama, and Jasmine Tarkeshi.

Annette uses her knowledge and diverse skill set to teach others how they can use the power of the written word and sacred geometry of yoga to find their inner strength and own their own unique, personal narrative.

David J. Lutz

My days are spent with babies, children, pregnant mothers, and families. I have a soul purpose to awaken the innate wisdom within the human body and empower families to live a life rooted in the philosophy that nature needs no help, just no interference.

In the Summer of 2015, my girlfriend Sarah, who is now my wife, and I went on a 7,000 mile road trip, camping along the way. Bend was on the top of our list of places to visit. When we arrived, we instantly fell in love with everything about this community. Bend instantly felt like home. In January 2017, we drove Sarah from Atlanta to Bend at the height of a very snowy winter to begin our business, contribute to this amazing community, and start growing our new family roots. I arrived to Central Oregon in July 2017, we married in August and now are loving our new life here in Bend. 

I am not a father, but my wife and I look forward to fulfilling our dream of growing our family over the coming years. The experience of being raised by my father, and other fathers along the way, has sent me down the path to really understand what it means to be a conscious man and father. Creating and nurturing a community of like-minded men looking to create deeper connections with others and themselves has become a deep-seeded passion of mine. I am blessed to be on this journey with you through our co-evolution of the Conscious Fatherhood movement. Our world is in desperate need of the awakened man. Thank you for answering the call.


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Lauren van coutren

Lauren is a proud wife and mother to a sweet 3 year old girl. Lauren works half day Kindergarten at Rosland Elementary and spends the rest of her precious time adventuring with her 3 year old. In the brief windows of time Lauren is not with her daughter or her other children in kindergarten, you can picture Lauren climbing mountains, walking along rivers, in front of her sewing machine, gathering with women, mixing up her essential oil creations, practicing yoga, or in her garden. Lauren is a deeply loving, spiritual person who has so much gratitude for this life. She is honored to have the opportunity to be a part of this retreat. - Lauren Van Coutren, MAT, Aroma Touch Technique Certified.

shanti o'connor

Shanti is a mother of two soulful, wild, silly, energetic children. Before children, she counseled at-risk youth and teen moms. However, the experience of giving birth and becoming a mom radically changed her. From that transition, she discovered her deeper calling, working with women.

When she is not with her children she is facilitating circles, teaching TRE, meditation and chakra healing classes, hosting ceremonies, and working one on one helping women heal.

Shanti is a change maker, an activist, a healer, a community builder, a storyteller, a mother, and a truth teller. She is a nationally certified counselor with a Masters in Counseling. She is a licensed teacher, a certified hypnotherapist, and a Reiki Master.  She has trainings in TRE (trauma release exercises), PPD,  Advanced Pranic Healing, and trauma.

Everything Shanti does is in service to women, especially mothers. She is deeply passionate about helping women heal so they can be the powerful, loving, soulful individual they long to be and know they are.