QHHt, Past Life Hypnotherapy Session

QHHt, Past Life Hypnotherapy Session


Shanti uses the Quantum Healing Hypnosis technique developed by Dolores Cannon to conduct past life hypnotherapy. This technique helps an individual get to a theta brainwave state. The theta brainwave state is a state each person experiences twice a day, right before falling sleep and right before waking. In this state, a person is still aware of his/her surroundings, but is deeply relaxed so the subconscious is more able to communicate and guide the person to different lives.

Past life regression involves the individual being regressed to a past life that provides information about the issues or challenge a person is currently facing. The information gained is always unique to the individual and is deeply healing. Most people leave a session with the courage to change old outdated beliefs and patterns that no longer serve him/her.

A past life hypnotherapy session is $80 cash or $85 credit/debit.

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