Inner Work Healing

Inner Work Healing


"And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?" -Rumi-

This is a session of deep inner work. Stepping into the past (of this life or another) in order to heal the present. These sessions are tailored specifically to what Shanti's client is needing in order to receive the deepest healing available in that moment. 

During a session Shanti spends the first 30-60 minutes talking with her client to learn where she is at and what she is needing. Depending on what the needs are, Shanti blends different healing modalities into a very unique session.  A session could look like receiving energy healing, chakra clearing, guided visualization and/or hypnotherapy all at the same time.  No matter what the session looks like Shanti loves to send her clients home with new tools for healing and connecting to the self.

 In every session Shanti uses mindfulness, compassionate communication, and a deep presence to connect with her clients. With her ability to attune to her client, she is able to find the deep and/or hidden issues behind her client’s conflicts and challenges. She is very compassionate, but can be straight-forward and directive.

A 90 minute session is $60 cash or $65 credit/debit.

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