Closing the Bones

Closing the Bones


Closing the bones is a private one-on-one ceremony that helps a new mother process and integrate her experience of birth. It is a healing way to integrate the experience of being pregnant, birthing, and stepping into the new role of mother. Each ceremony is tailored to the needs of the mother. Most ceremonies look like, Shanti and the mother process the birth of her child, then the mother receives a nurturing, healing bath , followed by tightly wrapping the belly and using essential oils and energy healing to help the body integrate all the new energies and bring the scattered energy back into the body. This is a very healing session for women who are up to one year postpartum. Typical sessions last up to 2 hours.

This ceremony can be at your home or at Rooted&Open. Babies are welcome to join mom during this ceremony

A Closing the Bones Ceremony is $50 cash or $55 credit/debit.

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