Sara Beth Feely

Ever since I was young, I knew I wanted to get into a career path that worked with people. This interest grew into my undying passion for having real, honest and open communication including vulnerability and difference. As a licensed Marriage Family Therapist in the Bend/Willamette Valley, I am committed to the well-being of all my clients and go above and beyond to acknowledge and companion them in meeting their needs.

I work diligently to assist clients who are wanting to change. Since 2002, I have worked in a variety of different settings with individuals of all races, sexualities, genders and ethnicities. I support clients to find their deepest truth and help them live it.

I have traveled all over the world, enjoy cooking, exercising and nature. I have practices that facilitate my growth to keep me engaged in deepening my presence on this planet.

Tara Renee Breitenbucher

Tara Renee Breitenbucher- Licensed Individuals and Couples Therapist, Researcher, and Mindfulness Coach

Rather than following the archeology of mainstream psychology (looking primarily at our past for answers about our present) or the purely medical model (relying on chemistry and thought structures to change behavior), my work is to be with what has not yet formed in my clients. I accompany them while they begin to build a relationship with that part of them that is becoming. I see my work as fostering this relationship between my clients and that which is always unfolding, so that they can direct their own moving forward, and in their moving forward, begin to live in the place of healing, balance, and actualization. I have extensive experience and success using a mindful approach to address habits, anxiety, depression, general life unease, loss of direction, and feelings of disconnection. I use a mindfulness approach to address negative dynamics in couples as well, teaching partners together- how to reduce their reactions to each other, calm their nervous systems, and reattach to each other, allowing them to create a entirely new relationship based on respect, collaboration, and compassion. Stop by my website for more information-




HeartStone Family Chiropractic

Chiropractic was an immediate fit with Dr. Kevin’s growing understanding.  The direct and powerful interplay between the spine, nerve system and the body as a whole correlated directly with his early studies and opened the door into the larger arena of health care.  For Kevin, chiropractic is more than just complementary health care.  It is an avenue whereby we can connect to those rhythms which connect us to every living thing on the planet.  As we attune to our spines, our bodies become healthier because the nerve system is intimately related with every system in our bodies.  It is the master control center, coupling with our hearts, to provide us with synchronous balance and coordinated efficiency.

Pure Light: A Family Health Studio

Pure Light: A Family Health Studio provides quality chiropractic care in Bend OR and surrounding areas while teaching The 100 Year Lifestyle principles of optimum health, longevity and wellness.
Our mission is 10,000 families to optimum health!
Whether you or your child is suffering from sensory disorders, immune challenges, or other health problems, the gentle chiropractic care we provide will create relief and stability in your health or your child's health. We look for and address the underlying cause of health problems. 
If you want to reach optimum health and peak performance levels regardless of your age, or provide healthy drug-free solutions for your children and family, our practice will be a great fit. 
We are committed to helping you and your loved one's live the best life possible every single day, from birth to 100 years and beyond.


Parents & Family


Mandala Midwifery

Midwifery Care and Home  Birth  Preconception Visit: This visit gives families an opportunity to explore midwifery care and start to build a relationship with our team before they have conceived. One of our skilled midwives will help the family evaluate their overall health for conception, discuss optimal nutrition, and discuss prenatal care. 

Prenatal Care: Prenatal care is truly the shining light of midwifery care. Our clients enjoy one hour visits to discuss nutrition, emotional progress through pregnancy, family dynamics, supplementation, supportive care, siblings at birth, and so much more. Prenatal visits also include standard medical evaluations, examinations, and labs with the full informed consent of each client. Our clients get all the time they need to develop a close relationship with our team. This allows each client to know and trust every person who may be present at the birth.

Postpartum and newborn care: Postpartum care is another major benefit of midwifery care. Our clients love the in-home care they receive for the first week after birth! Our midwives visit with new families three times at their home in the first week and another three times during the subsequent five weeks after birth. During these visits, mother and baby are both evaluated medically. Midwives also provide breastfeeding support during these visits. Kindra is a Certified Lactation Consultant and makes a point to see any clients in need of additional support for breastfeeding.

Breann Vanden Brink

Having a baby is a life changing experience for any mother, for Breann it was an experience that changed her perspective regarding the birthing process as well as beginning her journey as a Mother.  Her birth was attended by a kind, and tender doula that provided loving, compassionate support as Breann transitioned into Motherhood and welcomed her precious daughter into the world and into her life.  The astounding care that her Doula provided was beyond expectation.  She began to feel an affinity to this calling and soon began to pursue become a Doula herself.  She wants to help other Mothers though their Birthing journey.  Her prayer is to be able to provide the tender, merciful care that her Doula gave to her during her Birth Journey.

The Learning Groove

Have FUN! Sing! Dance! Laugh! Develop Pitch! Bond with Your Child! Learn Rhythm Hear Ms. April Play Guitar! March to Ms. April's Trumpet! Socialize! Play Instruments! Drum! Make Friends! Hear Ms. April Play Ukulele! Parents, Grandparents, or Nannies Welcome! Acquire a LOVE and APPRECIATION for MUSIC! Improve Motor Coordination! Practice Language Skills! Love On Your Child! Practice Preschool Readiness! Have FUN!

Zara Seligson

Whole Women's Healing is a holistic women's health counseling practice that looks at women's health through the lens of botanical medicine, nutritional medicine, and the practices of self-care, self-love, and grounded spirituality.  It is designed to bring balance, awareness, education, and transformation to many areas of women's health. This work aims to facilitate deeper connection to oneself, natural health, and the path of healing.  

Consultations focus on herbal medicine, nutritional guidance and programs, spiritual counsel, and establishing self-care practices that work for your daily life, such as meditation, prayer, and other daily practices. 

Specialties include- 

Female Reproductive health and education

Adrenal + Thyroid health, education, and healing support

Real life self care education + programs

Individual nutrition programs, meal plans & menus

Guidance for navigating sensitivity in the world

Jami Heyting ND

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine & Certificate in Natural Childbirt

Although I was trained in primary care across the lifespan, my passion has been to work with growing families. From preconception planning for those starting their journey to being a trusted resource for teens to come to with questions about safe sex, mental health concerns, or gender affirming care, I am wholeheartedly committed to family wellness.

Pediatrics: well-child exams, including unbiased vaccine education; eczema/allergies/food intolerances; acute illness (colds, flu, digestive, etc); adolescent health

Women's Health: annual gyn exams, including PAP/HPV testing if needed; contraception counseling; fertility/pre-conception, acute illness management during pregnancy, breastfeeding support in primary care (not lactation consulting); postpartum complaints

Mental Health: holistic work-up, including neurotransmitter, hormone levels or assessing for nutritional deficiencies; natural and conventional treatments

Transgender Health: prescribing and monitoring medications and labs; connection with community resources

Marjon Murphy: Postpartum Doula

Marjon supports and pampers families, in and around Bend, in the first week(s) after birth. While you recover from birth, she will take care of you and you household, while teaching you everything you need to know about baby care. She will assist with breastfeeding and help you gain confidence in parenting. Calmness and cleanliness in a home is important to her, so mom and baby get time to bond and rest. Together you will look at your baby and your situation and what works best for you.
In The Netherlands, her home country, these services are provided for every new born baby, for the first ten days after birth. Marjon is determined that this quality postpartum service should be available to new moms everywhere.
It is her goal to give you an informed, relaxed and enjoyable maternity time. Private maternity care aims at the physical and mental recovery of the new mother and the integration of the new baby in the family.




Brenden Avery Butler

Brenden Butler is a Heart-Centered Intuitive Therapist. Through the compassionate wisdom of the heart, he brings the essence of our goodness to light so that we can return to the person that we love to be.

Brenden is a certified provider of Intentional Peer Support, a trauma-informed, connection-based, therapeutic model that 'encourages us to increasingly live and move towards what we want instead of focusing on what we need to stop or avoid doing.'

He is a certified mentor in Collaborative Problem-Solving, a neuroscience-based, trauma-informed therapeutic model based on the concept that people who struggle need to strengthen skill, not will.

Brenden also studied Dr. Marshall Rosenberg’s Compassionate Communication, which has profoundly influenced his approach to these therapies by providing an empathetic understanding of our feelings and needs.

“Trusting my intuition prepares me to support you more effectively than any preconceived ‘technique’ I could ever learn, and that is what makes these services so unique. If you’re genuinely curious, then try them out. I am confident you’ll get extraordinary results.”

Bend Reiki

Bend Reiki offers low cost sessions for the community to receive Reiki regularly. The sessions are given by a group of trained, qualified practitioners. Our practitioners volunteer at St. Charles Cancer Center and have an innate gift to help others. 

 At Bend Reiki, we are dedicated to bringing health and healing to our clients. 

Lapis Moon Healing

Lisa Fulkerson is a Level III Reconnective Healing® Practitioner (trained by Eric Pearl), a Usui/Tibetan and Kundalini Reiki Master. She is am a Pranic Healing practitioner. She has been practicing energy work since 2003.


Tarot with T


 Tiffany has been reading Tarot and teaching workshops for nearly 30 years. Through its visual archetypes and long-steeped history of storytelling, the Tarot provides an incredible window into our  minds, emotions, and spirits. It helps us tap into the mysterious undercurrent flowing through our everyday, earthly lives. In person, on the phone, or via email, she offers solo readings, group events such as "Tea & Tarot" salons, gift certificates, classes, one-on-one Tarot coaching, seminars, and workshops. Tarot readings & gift certs available at Ye Olde Tarot Shoppe.  




Yoga with Katie Curtis

Katie teaches Vin/Yin yoga at 3 pm Mondays and Thursdays at First United Methodist Church. This is a community/no-frills yoga class made available through attendees' donations. 

Held at First United Methodist Church, 680 NW Bond St, Bend, OR 97701


She Explores Life

She Explores Life is a home for women’s stories. The ones accumulated during solo expeditions, family escapes, and those that result from exploring one’s own internal landscape.