Nervous System Reset Yoga

Every Monday, 10:15am

$10 drop-in

The busyness of daily life can cause imbalances in your nervous system, making it difficult to decompress and experience a sense of calm. Everything can feel off and overwhelming. This leads to stress patterns building up in our bodies.

Did you know our nervous system is considered the deepest core of our being. It dictates how we feel in our bodies, the clarity of our thoughts, and the quality of our relationships. When it is in balance, we flow with the ups and downs of life. We are resilient.

Nervous System Reset is a yoga class designed to down regulate the nervous system through movement, tremoring, mindfulness and meditation.
This class aims to
-Relieve mental, emotional, and physical stress
-Increase vitality and experience a profound sense of freedom in your body and mind
-Promote clarity, focus, and better sleep
-Meet daily challenges with newfound peace, discernment, and power.

Class starts with 30 minutes of a gentle vinyasa flow followed by 15 minutes of tremoring, 10 minutes of sivasana and finishes off with a quiet seated mediation.

After this class your mind and body will be in a neutral state of calm. You will have more inner resource to handle life's challenges and daily stress. You will return home with practical, effective tools to incorporate these healing practices into your everyday life.

Weekly drop-in class
Offered every Monday at 10:15am-11:30am

Check made out to Rooted&Open
Venmo to @rootedandopen

Email for questions

Fill Your Cup: A Weekend for Educators


You've heard the phrase: you can't give from an empty cup?

In this workshop, you'll learn the neuroscience of resiliency and experience practical tools you can use right away to manage stress and nurture your inner resiliency.

Educators, therapists, medical professionals, massage therapists - anyone in a profession that requires you to be balanced mentally and emotionally to care for others. To promote an optimal environment for learning, sharing, and self-nurturing, registration is limited to 15 participants.

You'll learn the neuroscience behind stress and resiliency. From this understanding of how your nervous system reacts to stressors, you'll have the opportunity to practice strategies for balancing this system for optimal wellness. No previous experience or training is required to attend, although an interest in neuroscience and somatic (or body) oriented practices for resiliency will likely equal more satisfaction in the training.

Friday, 7-9 p | introductory activities
Saturday, 9a-5 p | AM/neuroscience with Jenifer, PM/tools & processing with Shanti
Sunday, 9a-4 p | AM/neuroscience & tools with Jenifer, PM/tools & processing with Shanti

We're in sunny Bend Oregon for this weekend of learning and nurturing. Our specific location is at The Hive, 205 NW Franklin Ave. Not local? We're available to help connect you with reliable, inexpensive places to stay so you can focus on enjoying your trip.

Your guides for this weekend are Jenifer Trivelli, MS RYT and Shanti O'Connor, MS RYT. Jenifer & Shanti obtained master's degrees in Counseling together a decade ago, and have each pursued individual (though somewhat parallel) post-graduate training in yoga, somatic theories of healing, trauma resolution and mental/emotional resiliency. They also have experience working with youth, families, and educators - a combination of three decades. You'll glean the best of what they have to offer from their extensive experience and training in the subject of nurturing resiliency.

- Email
- Check to Rooted&Open
205 NW Franklin Ave. Bend, 97701
(please email to let us know it's coming)
- Venmo to Shanti O’Connor @rootedandopen

Meditation Classes

60 MINUTES $10

The last Sunday each Month

This meditation is a spiritual experience that uses energy healing techniques, vibration and guided imagery. By blending these techniques you will be given the opportunity to live more fully and openly in your body.
Each class we will explore a different guided meditation techniques that will allow you to connect to your spirit and access higher levels of spiritual awareness by communicating with your higher self, your spirit guides, and energetic body.

Drop Inn Class- $10
Cash, Check, or Venmo

Tension/Trauma Release Exercises (TRE)

60 MINUTES $15 

Tension/Trauma Release exercises are a set of guided exercises developed by Dr. David Berceli. These exercises are a gentle and effective way to release deeply held tension that has accumulated in the body due to everyday life demands, prolonged or immediate stress, or traumatic life experiences.

Using a series of gentle exercises, TRE activates a muscular tremor reflex which is the body’s natural way of re-establishing balance by discharging energy stored in the nervous system. It is a body-based release originating from the brain stem, therefore there is little or no emotional or cognitive process activated or stirred by this practice. TRE will not trigger any traumatic memories of feelings. It is safe practice for all body types and can be modified if needed.  Sessions are between 1 and 1.5 hours.  For more information on TRE, visit

A Tension/Trauma Release Exercise (TRE) group session is $10 cash or $15 credit/debit per participant.

Donation for those who have already taken a TRE class.


4 weeks $120 

On Hold

Shine is a 4 week process group  that is open to women in any stage of life. This will be a heart centered, heart opening group that encourages vulnerability, truth, and openness. It is our intention that you will leave with a deeper connection to yourself, your feelings, and your truth. Shine will be facilitated by two Heart Centered Therapists who are passionate about and specialize in group work: Shanti O'Connor, MS, NCC, QHHT and Sara Beth Feley, LMFT, YTT, CT, Cranial Sacral Therapist.

This group will benefit women who

- want to reclaim their creativity
- desire a deeper relationship and understanding with their self
- want to find their voice
- yearn for connection and community
- are ready to share with vulnerability
- are ready to walk her own path
- want to learn how to live in truth, passion and greatness
- thrive in a nurturing healing space
- are ready to make true and lasting change
- want to ignite the fire from within and shine

Each week we will mix open processing/discussions with an art activity and/or an experiential activity designed to integrate the collective healing work we do. 

Some benefits to group work are:

- Groups provide a safety net
- Groups help you to relate to yourself and others in a heathier way
- Groups help you find your voice
- Groups help facilitate giving a receiving support
- Groups help you realize you are not alone
- Groups provide a sounding board
- Sharing and being seen in your vulnerability can be healing
- Groups can teach you about yourself
- Groups can help propel you forward in life

Some insurance accepted.  If you would like to bill insurance, please inquire so we can provide a form to submit for reimbursement.

Vibration Healing

1.5 hours  $15 

This is a unique blend of exercises, meditation, breath work and energy work to create a healing vibration current in the body. These exercises down regulate the nervous system so the body can relax and rejuvenate.

The first part will be dedicated to soothing, calming and resetting the nervous system through a guided meditation, breathwork and tremoring. No experience needed to learn these exercises. It's a safe and gentle exercise for all bodies.

Once our body is in a natural state of calm we will use crystals, oils, singing bowls, hands on energy healing, and shamanic drumming or hemi-sync music will be used during our time together to help guide and clear the energetic field.

Time permitting, we will process and talk about what came up during our time together.
Please bring a yoga mat to lay on and any pillow you think you may need to support your body laying on the floor.

venmo, cash, check made out to Rooted&Open

Birth Tellers

2 hours $15 

Birth Tellers is a community storytelling event for mothers, fathers, and birthworkers. We would love to highlight all the ways in which women give birth in our community. We hope to hear stories from fathers, grandparents, and birthworkers as well as from mothers. 

There will be between 5 and 10 storytellers sharing his/her experience of birth at each event. Each story will range between 10-20 minutes. The last 30 minutes will be used for an open discussion and questions from the audience.

If you are interested in sharing your story, please email Once a short written description is emailed you will be notified if your story has been chosen to share at this event. No storytelling experience needed.

$15 at the door


For reservations or information:

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