What does a circle look like?

The experience of being seen for who we are is one of the most fulfilling experiences we can have. Being in circle teaches us exactly that­, how to see and celebrate each woman for the uniqueness she brings to the world. When in circle we all put our attention on one woman, and we explore what her experience is like, essentially getting into deep relationship with what is most true and alive for her. We don’t give advice or try to fix anyone. Rather, we welcome and stay with what is so we can relax into the truth of our experience, feel supported, know we are not alone and allow the experience of this to change us.


Mama Nurture Circle

6 weeks $100

Mama Nurture Circle is a weekly circle that meets for 8 straight weeks. Each week we explore different topics from relationships to self-care and everything in between. This is for mothers in any stage of parenting who are looking to gain a deeper connection to themselves and other mothers. This circle fosters deep connection, vulnerability, truth, and awareness.


Sacred Mama Circle

8 weeks  $130

Sacred Mama Circle is similar to the Mama Nurture Circle except there is more of a focus on spiritual topics. Each week we explore spiritual topics through meditation, discussion, experiential exercises, and art. This circle is more inward than the Mama Nurture Circle. The circle time is cut in half in order to connect to and explore our own internal environment.  This is a 8 week circle that meets once a week for 2 hours each week.

Men’s Circle

6 weeks $100

Men's circle is an experiential group that is part personal development and support group for men.

The meetings will provide an opportunity for the following:

A coming together of men from different walks of life that share the burdens and blessings of being men.
Learning how to be in the world in a different way that is based in the moment and that allows a wider range of responses.
Learning how to share the deeper parts of ourselves with men without shame or guilt.
Learning how to clarify and state wants and needs as men.
Opening to the possibilities of life versus minimizing the social and familial roles and rules assigned male children, adolescents or adults.

Mother Daughter Circle: Embodying the Goddess

4 weeks $80

What does it mean to become a woman? There are many voices screaming for girls and young women’s attention when it comes to this topic, from media to peers, cultural norms to taboos. How can we support girls in listening to their own inner voice and then being confident enough to express themselves creatively and verbally? How can we guide them in honoring their bodies through hormonal and physical changes? As mothers, how can we support our daughters through this sensitive transition and deepen our relationship during a time where often children grow distant?

Our goal for this series is to help facilitate open communication, reconnection, and a deeper relationship between mothers and daughters. We will combine ancient wisdom, practical advice, and fun activities designed to support girls as they reach adolescence and their mothers.

Transitions: A New Mom Circle

Bi-weekly Free (Currently on Hold)

It's tough being a mom. It's easier with community. Join us for free, non-judgmental support. Share your concerns, questions, joys, challenges, experiences, and practical tips. Connect, rejuvenate, and care for you.

Open to pregnant women and moms with littles.

All faiths, orientations, and parenting approaches are welcomed in this circle. This is an open minded, non-judgmental, and accepting group.

We meet every Wednesday from 11 to 12:30 at 

Baby Phases Bend,OR

759 NE Greenwood Ave, Bend, Oregon 97701

Facilitated by Shanti O'Connor, MS, NCC, QHHt, Reiki Master, TRE Provider


Desert Lily Tribe: A group for girls and caregivers

6 Weeks: $300

Empower. Connect. Create
Desert Lily is a 6 week group for young girls age 11-14 and her caregiver (mother, father, grandparent, aunt, etc..)
This girls empowerment group of deep connection for girls and caregivers. We believe that change is essential for both child and adult in order to gracefully navigate the changes a young girl is making. True empowerment happens when both the child and adult has accessed their truth and power from within. The deeper connection a young girl has to herself first and then her primary caregiver will allow her to step into her truth and power in authentic and lasting ways.
Each week we'll focus on a topic that helps facilitate connection and growth ranging from goals, relationships, emotions, brain/body connection, trust, and community. 
We'll spend the first portion of our time together each week talking, accessing our truth, co-creating art and growing as a whole group. For the second half of our time together we'll split up into two groups: a girls group and an adult group to do specific work in our peer group. We'll be using art, nature, movement and connection to explore our topics.
This group is facilitated by three women who together have over 30 years experience working with adolescents as teachers, guides, and therapists. Each woman brings a depth of knowledge and wisdom both personally and professionally.

Sara Beth is a child therapist and yoga teacher who specializes in trauma informed care in Bend. 
Lauren Van Coutren is a trained nature therapist and a elementary teacher. 
Shanti is a licensed teacher and counselor in Bend who works with women.

Group will be held mostly at The Child Center as well as in nature.
Investment: $300
Sliding Scale Offered
Payment plans available
Some insurance accepted
email rootedandopen@gmail.com to sign up or for more information


Shine, A Woman's Group

4 weeks $120

Shine is a 4 week process group (1/30-2/20) that is open to women in any stage of life. This will be a heart centered, heart opening group that encourages vulnerability, truth and openness. It is our intention that you will go away with a deeper connection to yourself, your feelings, and your truth. 

This group will benefit women who
- want to reclaim their creativity
- desire a deeper relationship and understanding with their self
- want to find their voice
- yearn for connection and community
- are ready to share with vulnerability
- are ready to walk her own path
- want to learn how to live in truth, passion and greatness
- thrive in a nurturing healing space
- are ready to make true and lasting change
- want to ignite the fire from within and shine

Each week we will mix open processing/discussions with an art activity and/or an experiential activity desiged to integrate the collective healing work we do. 

Some benefits to group work are:
- Groups provide a safety net
- Groups help you to relate to yourself and others in a heathier way
- Groups help you find your voice
- Groups help facilitate giving a receiving support
- Groups help you realize you are not alone
- Groups provide a sounding board
- Sharing and being seen in your vulnerability can be healing
- Groups can teach you about yourself
- Groups can help propel you forward in life

We will meet weekly for 4 weeks either downtown Bend or at the address above.

Shine will be facilitated by two Heart Centered Therapists who are passionate about and specialize in group work: 
Shanti O'Connor, MS, NCC, QHHT
Sara Beth Feley, LMFT, YTT, CT, Cranial Sacral Therapist

Investment $120
Some insurance like Blue Cross and First Choice accepted, 
please ask because if you have insurance we can give you a form to send in for reimbursement.
A nonrefundable deposit of $50 holds your place.
Payment Plans available upon request

To secure your spot, send $50 to
Paypal: sarabethfeley@gmail.com
a check to
21212 Limestone Ave, 
Bend, OR 97703

Please inquire with questions to rootedandopen@gmail.com or sarabethfeley@gmail.com or 541-241-2055


For reservations or information:

If you would like to attend an offering, if you would like more information on an offering, or if you would like to learn about alternate payment options, please inquire below.